​​​ Marty Brown

Marty Brownwas born in Maceo, Kentucky.  He started playing guitar and writing songs at the age of twelve, and he started entering local talent shows at sixteen. Throughout his teens he worked in the tobacco fields of Kentucky often playing his guitar during lunch hours under the shade of a nearby tree.

Eventually Marty made his way to Nashville, Tennessee and met with legendary record producer Tony Brown who signed him to a record deal at MCA Records. Marty, together, with Tony, made four (4) albums for MCA and eight (8) videos for CMT television AND APPEARED ON “THE GRAND OLE OPRY STAGE” over the next ten (10) years performing… Wild Kentucky Skies, In My Wildest Dreams, High and Dry, and Every Now and Then.
​He toured with acts such as Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Hank Williams Jr. and many, many more. After his recording years, he started writing hit songs for artists like the heart-felt and groovy, ​“I’m From the Country and I Like It That Way” for Tracy Byrd and the classic country tune, “When I Stop Loving You” for Trace Adkins.  He still lives in Kentucky with his wife, Shellie, and kids, and he is still cranking out his classic country sound.